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If you can imagine it, we can print it! 


Est. in 2017, B3D Printing offers cost effective and creative solutions to companies and individuals in need of 3D design and printing  services. 


Using state of the art technology, we are able to print jewellery, equipment and everything inbetween. We specialize in bringing your wildest ideas to life! 


We are situated in Pretoria, but we deliver countrywide. 


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Why 3D Printing?

  • Less waste during the manufacturing phase of an item

  • PLA plastics is non-toxic 

  • PLA plastics is bio-digradable

  • PLA plastics is derived from renewable sources

  • Affordable manufacturing for smaller quantities of items, perfect for prototyping

  • 3D Printing is an additive manufacturing technique

  • Thermoplastics is usually used as building material (for example PLA)

  • A three dimensional computer aided design is converted to a STL file which tells the printer where to place plastic

  • Plastic is placed in layers at specific locations

  • 3 Dimensional objects is created!

What is 3D Printing?

What is the cost to 3D Print an item?

  • 3D Printing costs depend on the following factors:

    • Type of plastic​

    • Total weight of printed object

    • Total printing time

  • Each item has an individual printing cost which can easily be quoted. ​

  • To place an inquiry on a specific item, send an email with the ".stl" file attached to B3D.Information@gmail.com

  • B3D Printing can also assist with the 3D designing of your idea, concept, prototype or specific need.

Where in Gauteng is B3D Printing located?

  • B3D Printing is located in the capital of South Africa, Pretoria (City of Tshwane) in the Gauteng Province.

  • B3D Printing serves their customers country wide by using local courrier companies for 3D Printing shipments.

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I have this idea... how to make it work...?!
  • B3D Printing can assist with realising a 3D concept with 3D CAD design and visualisation. 

  • B3D Printing can 3D print your concept or design in order for testing or prototyping.

  • Not sure where to begin, have a look at online sources for existing 3D models that is freely available. Thingiverse is an excellent source for 3D models.

What types of plastics can be printed by B3D Printing?
  • PLA - Most common. Available in various  colors. Good strength. Not durable for high temperatures or daily used items.

  • ASA - Similar to ABS, but have excellent UV resistance.

  • PETG - Very strong and temperature durable. 

  • WOOD - Wood fibres mixed with PLA plastic to give a wood like finished product.

  • Nylon - Nylon filament is very strong and temperature durable. It is also a chemically durable plastic. Engineering grade nylon is also available.

  • TPU - Flexible filament that has rubber/silicone properties excellent for part that requires flexibility.

What about Metal 3D Printing?
  • Many metal type 3D printers exist, some metal 3D printers use metal powders that is laser sintered, other metal 3D printers use technology similar to FDM.

  • B3D Printing do not offer metal 3D printing at this stage, we aim towards supplying the metal 3D printing service soon!

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