B3D Printing offers the following services:

  • Affordable 3D Design with 3D Printing in mind

  • Affordable 3D Printing(FDM)

  • Custom low volume manufacturing for market ready prototyping.

  • Engineering solutions to projects relating to 3D Printing and Design.

Let us help you with the following 3D design or 3D printing projects:

  • Replacement Parts (Automotive parts, camp chair connectors, caravan handles, etc)

  • Forms for mold making

  • Arts and crafts (Jewellery, flower vase, photo frames, lamp shades, etc)

  • Decorative items

  • Lithographic photos

  • School projects

  • Educational toys

  • Children's toys

  • University designs, projects and prototypes

  • Patent creator prototypes

  • Teacher support equipment (Stencils, letters, puzzles, pencil holders, etc)

  • Kitchen equipment (Spoon holders, paper towel stands, etc)

  • Bathroom accessories (Soap holder, toiler paper holder, toothbrush holder, etc) 

  • Mass production when entering the market with a new product prior to injection molding.

  • Hydrophonic and Aquaphonic support systems such as brackets and fittings.

  • Electronics and Mechatronics enclosures and parts.

  • Items to make your life easier!

Also check out THINGIVERSE for some great designs to be printed out!

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